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Default Re: MMA Discussion/News thread

Originally Posted by Edwin
I stayed up and watched the DREAM 18 MMA portion of the card and I'll just say I advise you guys watch it, it's really good. I missed the Le Banner vs. KOICHI Kickboxing fight from the card though.

I haven't watched the Glory 4 Heavyweight Tournament yet, but I'll watch it later.

Rolles Gracie, Minowaman, Tim Sylvia and Cro Cop also fought last night at the IGF INOKI-BOM-BA-YE card in Japan. Rolles beat someone by round 1 sub, Minowaman beat someone by round 1 sub with a heel hook, Sylvia lost to Satoshi Ishii by unanimous decision and Cro Cop beat former sumo wrestler Shinichi Suzukawa by round 1 sub with an armbar,

Finally got around to watching it today. The Glory tourney was badass. Dream was good. The Aoki/McKee fight seemed a bit odd. Brooks looks like a nice prospect. Check out the JLB fight if you haven't already.
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