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Default Re: Which QB's Legacy would benefit the most from winning a ring

Of the ones you listed? It's too early for many of them to really say.

Rodgers: There would be future GOAT talk from people
Ponder: Peterson would get the credit, and some GOAT RB talk would start to pop up
Brady: A number of people would call him the GOAT QB
Manning: Same as Brady
Wilson: Bringing Seattle their first SB win would be big, but I think the credit would get spread around with Lynch and the defense, too
RG3: No comment
Schaub: People might starting talking about him?
Flacco: People would start to take him seriously? I wouldn't be surprised if people gave the credit to the defense whether fair or not
Kaepernick: People would call Harbaugh a genius and Kaep would be talked about if he's the next Niner QB legend
Dalton: Well, they lost
Luck: Would get comparisons to QB legends
Ryan: Really big benefit. He's on the road to getting one of those playoff failure reps, so getting Atlanta their first SB win would be huge
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