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I was an adamant believer that Nas was no.1.

But over time, I've come to accept that he isn't. Many of us have cemented Nas as the GOAT due to his first 2 albums for the most part. What many Nas fans won't ever admit to is his decline. He's had variable success with some of his album releases after IWW, but his skill clearly diminished.

His influence not as great as Hov's, BIG's, Pac's, KRS', Kane's, G Rap's.

Nas also wanted to be what Pac was, but he never achieved it.

As to who the GOAT is imo? I dunno anymore.

Based on raw skills, the usual don't come to mind for me. Pac, Hov and BIG aren't as good. BIG wasn't around long enough to be honest, Hov has been very sketchy and inconsistent since RD, and Pac wasn't on their level. What Pac was great at and something I learned to appreciate (something that Nas sucked at), was tell a story that was relatable to the average listener. A story that was heartfelt and to the point, a rap version of Lennon.

Technically speaking 'Imagine' is a relatively simple song in structure and lyrics. But the impact the song had is immeasurable. Imo one of the top 5 greatest songs of all time 'My Girl' by the Tempts is another perfect example of something that's simple yet effective and powerful at delivering. Pac was a master at this, something Nas can't touch.

So I dunno anymore.
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