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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Melo was amazing but the Knicks as a team played significantly worse than against the Spurs.
Defense just wasn't there and if Melo didn't go HAM in the 4th we could have easily lost the game.

Celtics are next. Teams don't really like each other so I hope that's enough for the Knicks to try not to open the game in such embarrassing fashion once again.

Nets are starting to win some games so every win is important to maintain that 4-5 game lead over them in the Atlantic.

Its simple Clutch. First the Knicks won because Orlando stopped doing PNR with Jameer Nelson. He went to the bench and then when he came back in they went in another direction.

2nd once the Knicks went small instead of having Jones, Harkless, and Nicholson on Melo they put McRoberts. When you dont double the only other player capable of scoring or creating there own shot is JR.

When teams double thats when the Knicks "So Called Knick Shooters" can get off. Provided they arent scared to shoot.

Defensively the PG's cant stop the ball especially in the PNR. Novak has been better but if he doesnt shoot then he shouldnt be in the line up. The defense collapses starts their because they switch and the rotation gets off.
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