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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
We should move on because people is getting more and more tired and annoyed with this sh't.

Now my opinion is that we can't do anything but believe in Brwnman's explanations about his reasons to make the offer (otherwise is like, for example, accusing Bokes of ruining the league on purpose by drafting DHoward in round 1, which is a much bigger blunder). And so the trade is legal. But whatever, take a decision and let's move on.
Yes, I made my first round draft choice with the intention of taking down the league. Your analogy makes no sense. The facts of what happened are clear as day. But i'm not gonna argue anymore. If FC wins this year it's a tainted win. And there's 2 people i'm probably no longer gonna seek to make any trades with. That's about it on my end.
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