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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Originally Posted by FCardelle
We should move on because people is getting more and more tired and annoyed with this sh't.

Now my opinion is that we can't do anything but believe in Brwnman's explanations about his reasons to make the offer (otherwise is like, for example, accusing Bokes of ruining the league on purpose by drafting DHoward in round 1, which is a much bigger blunder). And so the trade is legal. But whatever, take a decision and let's move on.
I took a look back at last years thread to see if you were always as ridiculous as you are now, and sure enough you were. Last season you were fighting with pretty much everybody, mainly RF and Toni but almost everyone in there had a fight with FC or something.

Just a few tidbits.

Originally Posted by FCardelle
Shumpert is an athletic PG/SG/SF that will contribute in every category. Specially steals, also rebounds and blocks considering he is a guard. Points also.
Biyombo is a blocking beast. I'll probably keep him on my bench, because he only needs 20mpg to be productive. He is not as raw as he is supposed to be, he was a key player for a medium level team in Spain last season
It's alright that you don't give Monroe and McGhee for Millsap. We are only initiating negotiations. I won't post your offers, but they are much more laughable that mine.

Originally Posted by Toni
Your trade offers have been outrageous and I can't see us ever coming to terms on a deal. And I'm ok with that.

Originally Posted by brwnman
I know this isn't directed towards me, but you did offer me Vince Carter for Ryan Anderson...
Originally Posted by FCardelle
Vince Carter is ranked 17 in the last 30 days.
Ryan Anderson is nobody. He is getting solid numbers in 22mpg, but if Orlando pulls a trade, he goes directly to waivers.

I'm not sure if you think it's funny, or if you think your smart, or if your "wit" is lost in translation or something, but cut the shit, seriously. If you intend on keeping Cousins we all will move on, we all will consider your win tainted, and I can't speak for anyone else but I won't be seeking any trades with you either, or Brwnman for that matter. You're basically just a jackass.
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