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Default Re: Any chance at Dirk?

the absolute smartest thing to do a couple years back was to take our enormous stock of good draft picks and cap room and SPEND IT WISELY, not to get caught up in the wild carmelo chase or to try to outcompete the knicks via the deron williams coup.

getting williams and then adding the wallace and johnson contracts to entice him to stay (and to an extent, the lopez and hump deals), is face-palm territory that locks us in to being a decent team but never a contender for many years. why would any serious fan want that?

but i'm a nets fan, so whatever. i'll live with the terrible moves and try to make the best of it. standard territory, you know.

but if phil jackson is persuaded to come to the franchise, he gets to do whatever he wants to. he just does. if he wants prokhy to eat major contracts (without even reducing the cap) simply to get different bodies in the starting lineup, then that's what you do. end of story. period. it's going to be up to him.

it doesn't matter what realistic or unrealistic scenerios you and i can imagine right now. if phil jackson joins the team, then his every word is instantly plated in gold.

PJC is a solid coach, but the current team under PJC is never going anywhere that matters. i'm cool with that, but i'm not sure how many nets fans are at this point. whenever i think that other nets fans are cool with reality and cool with appreciating the small things in life, they always prove me wrong.

prokhy brought all of this on himself by pushing way too hard for a championship by 2015, or whatever it was. phil jackson is just the last-gasp move to try to salvage the situation.
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