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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

A general question for those who were unaware that the rule change was being talked about prior to the draft, did you miss the commisioners note that was left before the draft started?

Oct 5 5:17am
Before the draft gets started, I would like to propose a few rule changes to begin next season. I think we have too many keepers with 13 GMs. I suggest we change to 3 keepers next season for a total of 39. We are currently over 50 kept players. This should help the re-draft pool.

Also, undrafted players are currently round 11 which is too low. Every year guys emerge and become great fantasy players. The 11 th round keeper value is not in line at all with their production. I would suggest round 8 starting next year.

Post thoughts on forum or message board. Thanks!
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