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Default Re: Is Goku the GOAT cartoon character?

Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY
Goku is the best only in that he is the most powerful, the purest protagonist, and the pinnacle of good that boys look up to. Like a Personal Jesus.

Awesome loyal husband to chi chi
Shares the blood of stone cold killers but turned his back on his own instinct and chose good.. just like an adopted child from the projects or a wild cub from a zoo would abandon the negativity around them to become a powerful upstanding citizen
Caring father and great teacher to his son
Destined for Heaven
Perseverance through thick and thin
Neverending Spirit to improve himself
LAughs and smiles when he fights

Piccolo and Vegeta are more memorable, cooler, and will likely appeal to more flawed, realistic watchers because of their personal struggle, darker sides, and higher intellect.

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