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Default Re: Who else think the most entertaining part of this season is seeing Lakers fail

Reasons I don't like the Lakers:
  • Dwight has solidified his title as the most unlikable person in all of sports with his actions the past few years
  • Obnoxious, spoiled, smug/cocky fans(well, the majority of them)
  • The media never shuts up about them
  • Always get the most lopsided trades in their favor
  • They win way too much. Gets sickening.
  • I like to see some new faces and underdog teams getting deep in the playoffs, it's boring having the Lakers in the finals year after year
  • RapeBe Cryant
  • Steve "Traitor" Nash saying he could never picture himself in a Lakers jersey, then joining them the next week... SMH
  • Can't stand Ron Artest one bit, never could even before he joined the Lakers... yeah, that's right. RON ARTEST. Not "Metta World Peace"... dude's a joke
  • Don't care for their uniforms/team colors
  • I'm a Suns fan so I basically hate them by default... division rivals, played each other in the playoffs a lot, they c*ckblocked us in the 2010 western conference when it would've been the best chance we've ever had to win our first NBA finals if only we could've just got past the Lakers
  • Like literally 30+% of the people in Phoenix are morbidly obese cholos from LA that go on and on about LA sports(and the Raiders) and love to get drunk at the games and yell louder than should be humanly possible, and start fights with people just to show how "passionate" they are as fans of their team/home town... if they love LA so much they should just move back. Nobody wants them here to begin with TBQH
  • The name "Lakers" doesn't even remotely make sense in LA... don't hate them for this or anything like that, but I do think it sounds a bit stupid when you actually think about it
  • Etc

Also, them losing benefits the Suns since we have their draft picks. So yeah, the more the Lakers lose the more enjoyable the season is for me. No matter how bad the Suns are this year, I can just look at the Lakers losing record and it makes me feel all better on the inside
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