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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by D-Rose
Damn found a bunch of screener leaks...Lincoln, Django, Zero Dark Thirty, The Impossible.

always seems to happen for 'oscar movies'. thing is, those high quality prints are usually leaked from the inside. some actor was busted for leaking out black swan and king's speech. i think he was actually sentenced to jail with probation.

anyway, i haven't posted in here for a while so here's to it.


my main problem with this movie was i just couldn't connect to any of the characters. i didn't connect to the two main 'scientists' until the very end. idk, this movie just didn't really get me to care about almost everyone in it. no concern or empathy. there were other little things that bugged me (like opening the door to see what was pressed up against it).

the reason that i don't give it a lower score was the CGI and costume design was just amazing. it wasn't over the top and fake looking. just awesome stuff all around. the 45 or so minutes of this movie is really absorbing visually, especially on a big screen.

i get what ridley scott was going for but the execution was kinda sloppy. the fear factor was almost non existent. this was certainly no alien.

zero effect...6.5/10

entertaining but somewhat average. money drop scene was the shit. pretty psychological and kinda funny in most other places.

falling down...8/10

wow, was really not expecting this at all. lots of dark humor in this and it's not really realistic but almost everyone can relate. just built up frustration and having a bad day = fantasy of what one may do if there were no consequences. that's how i viewed it as. not a movie you necessarily take at face value but douglas was awesome as a frustrated badass for a day.


shows the struggles of different people. their faults, shortcomings, dreams, etc. it was certainly interesting and there are scenes that just completely engage you (a couple which involve claudia). cruise's final scene with his father was really well acted as well. i'm not a huge fan of his acting overall but that has to be up there with some of his best stuff. i thought it was very good but overall, there were parts that just seemed too pretentious for me...that keeps it from being great. i know the frog scene is symbolic but i just ended up laughing through a lot of it. that can't be the reaction that paul anderson was going for.


great unique concept but i almost want to put it there with prometheus in terms of connecting to the characters. i also thought they could explain the aspect of how criminals get caught so easy in the future...cameras + tracking devices seemed to be the main reasoning but if they could have taken a few minutes to show that process, that would have been fantastic.

gordon-levitt was good here again but i just didn't find myself rooting for anybody really.

american gangster....8/10

stellar performances by denzel/crowe. i liked the fact that the two didn't really engage until the end. kind of a classic gangster movie in that way...showed the rabbit hunt. good action scenes as well.

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