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Default Re: College dropout or My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy?

When you present your self as a rapper or a part of the hip-hop community and you put out a song or an album where you are singing all the hooks and your raps then of course some people won't like it.

Al Thornton has a problem. He gets mad at other people's OPINIONS. ISH tolerated dude when he went on a 90-day Lil B dick sucking binge, yet no one else is qualified to have an opinion.

College Dropout had songs about other things...not involving Kanye. The first two albums had songs that were wide ranging.

Now he is all molly'd out talking about shit his listeners don't even know or care about.....well, the listeners that he rode to stardom.

Which is why I feel he was more genuine back then.

I saw an interview after his Grammy where he said his living space was, "too pretty for rap."

Dude sold out and is wearing leather kilts and engaging in false relationships for notoriety.
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