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Default Re: Getting Into Practice

Originally Posted by magic14
What do you guys do to get yourself pumped for practice? I never get tired in games because I'm always running on adrenaline but I can never get myself into practice. I've had a couple good stretches where I felt good and my coach said he had noticed a difference in how hard I've been working, but they're always followed by a practice where I'm completely winded and not able to anything.

i watch this

as long as you're working, coach knows. Be the guy that brings out the fight in everyone else because you are out working them

if you get winded easily, put in some extra suicides at the end of practice. Go do a mile run before. I never had a problem with conditioning because I live like a 45 min walk from my HS and I would run every morning to practice at 630 am.

Whatever it is you want to do, work at it.
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