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Default Re: 2012/2013 Official Game Comments Thread

Originally Posted by Sarcastic
The problem is that the starting lineup absolutely blows other than Melo. It's 4 guys who have zero threat to score the basketball. If Melo doesn't go off in the first, then we start losing. For the past 10 games or so, we've lost almost every single first quarter. It's no secret why.

Woodson is protecting the bench at the expense of the starting lineup. I think that's completely backwards, and it is costing us games.
Actually we won the 1st quarter against San Antonio. We're 1-8 in our last 9 games though

But I agree with you. J.R. should start and the Knicks as a team play horrible in the 1st quarters as of late. But our problem isn't only the offense. We averaged slightly over 23 points during that 1-8 stretch in the first quarters. That's not great but not terrible either. On the other hand allowing 36 points to Orlando,32 to Sacramento,30 to Chicago and Portland and 29 to Phoenix and Minnesota is.

We start the games with no sense of urgency and absolutely no effort. That's why teams score so easy on us. The only game when we gave full effort in the 1st quarter was against San Antonio and guess what,we won the 1st quarter and limited them to only 19 points.
Knicks when giving effort - limiting one of the best offenses in the league to 19 points
Knicks when not giving effort - letting some of the worst offenses in the league score 30+ on them.

So yeah,I claim it's an effort thing. There are some things on defense that I despise (unnecessary doubling in the post which leads to opponents shooters being wide open) but the reason for the 1st quarter mess is poor effort.

J.R. brings a lot more energy than Brewer so he could change things. Also he isn't a liability on offense. Start him,let him play for 7-8 minutes than sit him down until the 2nd quarter. Then take Melo out and bring J.R. back in.
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