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Default Re: This just in Bargnani benched

Originally Posted by RaininThrees
Honestly, what more could they possibly expect for Bargs than scraps and late picks? Maybe a bad contract tossed in for good measure?

If the Raps hope to get anything of value in a deal for Bargnani, they're going to have to throw in some value on their end.

Yep agreed.

Bargnani is balance of this year : $11m next year and $12m the year after (2014/5). There may even be a trade kicker in there as well... who knows...Calderon has one.

I think there are only two plays. Package Jose and Barges for a player with a big contract as long or longer and get "some talent back that wont necessarily fit the development of the team". i.e. Gasol (Lakers) Ike (Denver) JJohnson (Nets) assuming these teams want to "free" these contracts away. Teams in this position at least get salary cap relief of around $10m when Jose expries... Gasol et all are guys making $18 - $23million so Barges is actually a savings.

Or try to find a team way under cap (Rockets) that have a 2-3 window and need off the bench depth to step up...

Either way a hard sell..

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