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Default Re: Upcoming Movie Trailers Thread

The Place Behind the Pines, Maniac, The Iceman, and Burt Wonderstone all looke awesome.

I have a buddy who did a lot of the editing for Pines. He also did a ton of the editing on Blue Valentine. I asked him about it and he said it's gonna be great, but that's sort of what he's supposed to say.

Maniac and Iceman are right in my wheelhouse, and both look great. Maniac looks much darker than most stuff in it's genre, and Elijah Wood is underrated in his ability to go creepy. There are moments in Wilfred that are genuinely creepy to me.
And I agree that Micheal Shannon is a great cast for The Iceman. That story's been floating around for a long long time since the HBO Documentary. And the period work in the trailer looks great.

Burt Wonderstone looks like a throwback concept comedy, like Anchorman, that will probably hit me funny in ways it won't other people.
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