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Default Re: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Discussion

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
Probably just had the game of my life; 7k game on Hijacked, went 50/7 with 10 captures and 11 defends. 5 VSATs and 4 Warthogs as well. 20 kills between them, but one fo them got 12 I believe. First lost 2 strafes because of a host migration, second went beast, third I called in with 35 seconds left before half (wasn't paying attention), last there was only one or two guys laying since I went beast on them. Other teammates got a VTOL, Lodestar, and a Stealth Chopper thanks to my VSATs. Class I was using:

- Silenced
Hardline (Perk 1 Greed)
Scavenger (Perk 2 Greed)

Nevermind. This time I had an 8k game on Hijacked, 63 and 20 8 captures 11 defends. The people I was against were actually good, too. 4 VSATs and only 3 Warthogs, but they got me 27 kills this time. Beast streak for Hijacked.
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