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Default Re: Nick Galis: "Euroleague Scrub" That Scored 50 points In A Game Against Michael Jordan

Originally Posted by Fiba basketball
He is the only example if you don't consider players like Stojakovic , Gasol , . or Petrovic stars , there are players that are playing better in NBA than in Euroleague but aren't considered stars like Pekovic ( I think he is top 5 C and because of that consider him a star but you probably wouldn't agree if I said he is a star ) , Rubio , Dragic etc. and you have players that play just as good in EL and NBA like Shved for example . Spanoulis could play in NBA just as good as in EL ( don't know if that would be good enough to be considered a star ) but unlike Pekovic he doesn't want to wait for a chance while players he's better than are playing .

Yes I forgot about Stojakovic, Petrovic and Gasol. AK47 came over to the NBA when he was 20 and was not a Euroleague star yet, unless you're counting last year.

Pekovic is not an NBA star, he is not even in discussion for an All-star birth.

About Spanoulis, every 12th man on every team believes they are better than the players ahead of them getting minutes, if not they should not even be suiting up.
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