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Default Re: Dwight Howard does not get touches...

The problem isn't Howard not getting touches, I think the main issue here is how and when he does.

You simply can't just feed him the ball and have him go to work, he's not polished in the post. If he doesn't get good position he's not gonna be as effective.

The Lakers have to run plays that make him more of a threat, plays that the Magic ran, ya'll know, when he was actually considered the best most dominant player in the league. And those are high pick and rolls.

If you put Howard on the top and run pick and rolls with either he and Kobe, he and Pau or he and Nash he'll be hard to stop once he gets a running start to the rim and the defense is on its toes in trying to decide who to cover. The triangle gave its big men these type of looks, it put pressure on the defense and forced them to pick their poison. What this new system does, is force one on one play which is why Kobe is taking so many shots. It isn't Kobe's fault entirely, since the proper sets aren't called. If there isn't high pick and rolls, coming off curls, or other sets called on a consistent basis Kobe will be in more one on one situations and he'll take advantage of that.

They truly need Nash to handle the ball more, have Pau and/or Dwight setting screens while Kobe flashes through. He can read the court the best and make the proper decisions and execute.

The best scenario is a more balanced attack, better ball movement, higher quality shots and a willingness to play cohesive and determined defense, since offense and defense are correlated.
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