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Default Re: Kobe and Howard apparently got into a "heated exchange"

Originally Posted by CAstill
You're dumb too lol.
Kobe has never had a problem taking all the blame and he does.
The problem is when people fail to realize that other people
have to show up ready to play every game and don't. Then
look at Kobe as detrimental to the team because he was dedicated
enough to try and win no matter what the excuses are.
It's a team effort and only Kobe and sometimes Metta show
up to play every night consistently. No excuses for Howard and Pau.
Hero ball doesn't even come until the fourth. Why aren't Howard
and Pau dominating out the gate? You know when they receive
constant touches and should be dominating weaker teams.

It's one thing just giving them touches, but how about actually setting them up for once? How about Bryant penetrating the defense and setting them up for easy baskets? Isn't that what all the great ones do? Don't the great ones create easy opportunities for their teammates? It's one thing to just throw those guys the ball on the post and expect them to do something with it. It's another if you see that they aren't doing anything with it and trying another way to get them easy shots/looks.
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