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Default Re: Hmm, am i being paranoid?

Originally Posted by Loneshot
Firstly, i live alone with the exception of my dog, but one day about a week ago i came home and noticed that my webcam was unplugged from the computer. No biggie, i always unplug it out of fear that someone can hack into it and film me while i watch porn (which i'm swearing off after watching that TED talk). Anyway, i prepare to plug it back in (because i use the mic on it for google calls and save cell minutes) and notice my external HDD is plugged in where the webcam normally would be. The problem with this is I NEVER unplug my external HDD, and its always plugged into one of the lower USB ports, while the webcam in one of the top USB ports.

Now, its possible i could have forgotten i unplugged it, but this feels very unlikely as i never unplug it and if i did i would plug it back into a lower port.

Today, right now actually, before i leave, i'm putting on my shoes and hear this beep noise in my room, but i can't figure out where its coming from, not to mention the beep begin just as my speakers began making an odd sound, as if the volume were really high, when it wasn't, almost like i'm being listened to.

Idk dudes, something feels really off. I just can't imagine why anyone would want to spy on me or plant anything in my house, i barely even know anyone in my neighborhood.
It's the aliens bro. They wanna **** probe you.
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