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Default Re: Remember when we all ripped on the J Kidd signing?

Originally Posted by knickscity
Kidd takes about 5-6 shots a game, mainly just threes at this point, but why compare him to Kidd, that only cements my point.

Lowry cant shoot.

His scoring comes primarily from in the paint, the kid has no midrange game whatsoever.

I'm not impressed with the 6 assists, even calderon get get 10 and average the same scoring as Lowry.

He's not even the best pg on his team.
You're completely buggin on this one. Kyle Lowry is a problem! He's one of the few guys I admit I was wrong on. I was a Villanova fan when he was there and I never thought he would become a solid starter. He's past solid starter. He's one of the bes defenders in the league at the PG position. He can run a half court offense. He's good on the break. His 3 point shooting isn't bad at 36%. If I woke up and found out we traded Felton for Lowry, I'd be overjoyed
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