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Default Re: Duncan now has the highest personal winning percentage in nba history

Originally Posted by ThaRegul8r
Spurs won four titles when Duncan was the best player. What have they won after Duncan reached his down years again?
This thread is about personal win percentage.. Which is regular season wins. The spurs no doubt haven't been a true title contender since Duncan declined. They've been getting by with unbelievable coaching and accountability on both sides of the ball. Duncan could've not been on the team the past few years and they would've been a 3-4 seed at worst. The spurs out game plan everyone but they don't have the talent to win in the playoffs.

Duncan KNOWS this.. He watched the team do great and up his 'personal win perxentage' but fail miserably in the playoffs. That's why he turned it up this year. Duncan ain't dumb.. He knows this team needs him to beast if they're going anywhere.
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