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Default Re: Tipping at restaurants?

Originally Posted by boozehound
that is true. They have to be paid minimum wage, whereas servers/bartenders do not. Still, when I was in the industry, the servers killed what we made. I made ~15/hour at my last cooking gig and the servers there would generally clear 200-300 per dinner shift. So, here I am, actually making all of the delicious food and walking away with 60-90 a night (depending on the day and what post I was stationed at), while the person who brought them the food made more than 3 times that much? Always made me mad, but I digress.
Customer service is just as and at times more important than the food itself.

Go to review sites and people will praise the food, but stop going to a restaurant based on the service. Then there's restaurants that are just okay, but customer service brings people back.

Shit, I know many people that stopped going to restaurants due to bad service even tho they loved the food there.

I do understand your POV, but they play a huge role in the success of a restaurant.

I tip generally tip well. If the service isn't up to par I pay the minimum, only once have I tipped inappropriately. A server was rude and I wanted to kick his ass, but to make a point I left 50cents as a tip. I tend to get good-great service for the most part, rarely have I received sub par service and if I did, the server was always apologetic. Usually because they were busy and whatnot, so I can understand.
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