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Default Re: Rondo suspended for bumping ref

Originally Posted by Kevin_Garnett_5
The ref wasn't even bothered enough to give him a tech for it, Rondo barely touched him. There's no defending the ridiculousness of this suspension.

There is plenty defending it hoem boy.

Rondo has a history of physically imtimidating referees. Then he does it AGAIN, albeit lightly but still stepped over the boundary.

I am of the belief he would have copped a fine had he complied with the invesitgation, but he went further again and refused to do so.

Rondo is a player that will go through the system and get spat out at the end, the big picture is you cannot physically intimidate refs, and this is an offence that really filters down to young kids.

NBA players should not be allowed to touch refs at all.
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