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Default Re: lakers start winning without pau and dwight. should kobe get mvp if they make it....

Originally Posted by Joey3000
cuz two of the best Bigs in the league are obviously holding the mamba back.

Kobe fans fairytail ending would be both dwight and Pau get season ending injuries and kobe carries L.A to the championship by himself.

First dwight and Pau cause L.A to have a horrible season, but then they run into each other and get hurt. they are forced to sit out the rest of the season.

next Kobe carries L.A to the playoffs against imposible odds.

next Kobe leads L.A against the best of the best in the west.

Next kobe single handedly destroys the heat on his way to winning finals MVP. averaging 50/50/50.

ohhh and nash dies so kobe dedicated the win to him and places his championship ring on Nashes grave.

lol after reading all that I bet some of u lakers fans need a cigarret. smh get erased.

Dwight word for word basically called him selfish and a stat chaser.

lakers keep losing, and keep proving me to be right (kobe is a malcontent). I thought they would be atleast a top 3 seed and flame out in the playoffs, but wow this season has been an embarrassing one. a season that will be a big stain on kobe's legacy.
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