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So I'm feeling pretty bummed out. About two and a half weeks ago I pulled my hammy sprinting. I iced and bandaged it for about a week, elevated it and all that stuff. It felt good all of last week, but decided to wait it out. Today is the day I decide to go back to the gym, I'm doing squats and I hear it pop again. It wasn't even a heavy set for myself, I was on my third rep of 295.

Anywho, does anyone else have any advice for things I can try differently this time around? I guess I could have warmed up even more before lifting today, but I made sure to focus on my hams and didn't feel any trouble at all until it popped. I should still be able to do upper body stuff, right?

I guess the worst part is that one of my 'resolutions' for the new year is to run a race (5 or 10K) each month of the year and with this set back I don't know if I'll be ready for one at the end of the month.

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