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Default Re: lakers start winning without pau and dwight. should kobe get mvp if they make it....

Originally Posted by mehyaM24

Dwight word for word basically called him selfish and a stat chaser.

lakers keep losing, and keep proving me to be right (kobe is a malcontent). I thought they would be atleast a top 3 seed and flame out in the playoffs, but wow this season has been an embarrassing one. a season that will be a big stain on kobe's legacy.

How the hell is dwight and gasol scrubs now? Dwight was the best Big in the league last year, now he is a scrub? Gasol is a 7 footer who can shoot the ball, has a low post game and can defend yet he is not good enough in a league lacking real bigman?

what the hell is going on here?
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