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Default Re: Tipping at restaurants?

People are so locked into their way of thinking that they fail to realize that other countries have cultures(yes there is civilization outside of NA) that tipping isn't mainstream. They do their job just because they have work ethic and don't need extra incentive to give their best. Sundizz touched on this, ShannonElements also did YEARS ago. So restaurants do survive without tips. It actually happens guys.

The vast majority of us tip on this board and we all have our own reasons. I hate the concept and agree with Rad's breakdown, it's basically extortion. Growing up my mom was a waitress and my dad was a dishwasher/cook. I was raised to tip well but even they don't like the economics of the business. It's all ****ed.

The concept of paying your employee like shit and making them rely on the customer doubly for a living wage is downright sinister.
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