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Default Re: This just in Bargnani benched

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
even if we get scraps for him, we will be rid of his contract that is limiting our ability to trade for key pieces for this team. We are still a LONG ways away from being a playoff contender, and at least (imo) another rebuild from being a championship contender. This was long overdue, but let's be real Bargnani is the just the beginning of the problem.

I wish we could trade ownership groups, now that would be something I'd endorse in a heartbeat

Two things:

I'm not saying they shouldn't trade him for scraps. If that's the worst they do, I'd be happy to just rid the team of him and his contract. Have to make the $$ work in the trade machine though. What I am saying is that I hope no one expects to get anything of value back for him.

I don't have anything really bad to say about MLSE as an owner. I mean, yes they've held on to BC for too long, but they haven't been meddling, we never hear about $$ issues, they spend to the cap, etc. I'd honestly prefer an owner to be conservative with regards to the hiring and firing of GMs than the opposite. It's pretty clear that BC is on his last legs in TO, which he should be (evidenced by the board going over his head to tell Casey to not worry about playing Bargnani anymore).
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