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Default Why I'm still not sold on this team

Tonight's game just showed what I'm most feared of,the Knicks can't handle the pressure.

We lost every physical game we played this season.
It all started with the road game in Memphis. They were very physical,refs made a few suspicious calls and the Knicks just cracked allowing the Grizzlies to create a big lead by just shooting free throws.
Chicago punked us twice too by playing physical basketball. The one at MSG was really painful. It was a chippy game,something like tonight and the Knicks collapsed. Tyson and Noah almost had a fight.
Then you have this game against Boston. KG was trash talking,Melo was frustrated and even though he hasn't been shooting well tonight he started to force shots.

It's ok to lose a few of the games like that in the regular season because our record is pretty good but in the playoffs this will become a real problem.
Teams play physical in the playoffs. Players like KG will try to get into your head and I'm very worried the Knicks won't react well.

Let's be honest,we have a team full of players that can't keep their focus and stay calm.
You have Melo going after KG and often trying to beat the other team by himself when he gets mad.
Then you have Tyson Chandler who is first to crack when things aren't going well,often throwing elbows (to Asik and Noah this season,I probably forgot someone too).
Amare punches fire extinguishers when things go bad.
I won't even bother talking about Sheed getting mad
Felton (even though he didn't play tonight) has the same problem as Melo,trying to prove himself too much.
We even saw Prigioni getting a technical last night
J.R. is a headcase and he seems like the calmest guy out there this season,that shows you how bad the rest of them are

My point is this team is mentally weak,most of our players are either headcases or can't handle the pressure. The only guy I can trust in this kind of situation is Kidd. He never loses his calm and he always plays smart,no matter how physical opponent is or how much he's trying to get into his head.
Rest of the team has a short fuse,especially Melo and Tyson.

We are probably the 2nd best team in the East but this stuff will happen regularly in the playoffs. If we can't somehow fix our problems and continue to play poorly under pressure we aren't going far.
No matter against who we play,if they play us physical there's a great chance we're losing that game.

This is a real issue and we can't even count on advancing the 1st round if we're going to crack under pressure every single time. This is why I really want to avoid both Chicago and Boston in the 1st round. Even the Nets play very physical against us.

Anyone disagrees ?
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