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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by blacknapalm
ok guys, we gotta snipe away some of bama's assets. fsu already got their defensive backs coach in pruitt and flipped demarcus walker in the process. rumors are that they're in close talks with bama's RB's coach as well
Purdue's new DC's FSU's ex-LB coach, know anything bout him?

Originally Posted by kentatm
you are assuming Ohio State wins the Big 10 title game. You can't assume the BCS title game would be OSU/ND b/c it is nowhere near a given that OSU would win the Big 10 title game let alone finish undefeated in regular season play if they suddenly had something to play for.
OSU woulda beat the shit out of Nebraska, in a blowout. That doesn't mean they'd have given Bama a game, but they certainly would have won the conference title game.

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