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Default Re: Why I'm still not sold on this team

Originally Posted by ClutchOver9000
I wholeheartedly agree.

Knicks have a low threshold for keeping their composure/poise. Bad sign. Especially when it comes to ref treatment. That is something you cannot influence, you simply have to adjust, roll w/ the punches, and play w/ the hand you're dealt.

BUT....with that said...when it comes to trash talk...I can't put too much fault on ppl who go after KG w/ the below the belt things he says. If anyone deserved to get decked its him. One of the best big men the league has ever seen but man that guy is a massive ****.
Yeah,I hate KG. I would have enjoyed watching Melo kicking his ass but for the sake of the Knicks it's better it didn't end up with a fight. Melo is still probably going to get suspended for waiting him after the game.

Melo should have played way smarter but I can't really blame him. He's been terrific for us this season,he's allowed to have a game off.
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