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Default Re: InsipeHoops Survivor 2013: Vote Off the Biggest Troll

Originally Posted by KOBE143
WTF is this shit!! why am I on that list? Any negative poll with me on the list is shit and shouldnt be taken seriously.. Im pretty sure Im a quality and respectable poster in this board and some people think of me as one of the most unbiased poster here but thats not true at all coz sometimes Im a little bit biased towards our Lord GawdBe and this is expected among true fans..

To tell the OP the truth, that list is fuck up.. I see a lot of good poster in there and some are arguably the best poster here like Ripthekik, 9erempiree, Mr. Jabbar, Nick Young, etc.. Those posters like me doesnt deserved to be in there.. Shitty poster like TheBigVeto, RRR3, Pauk and company are the deserving one and should be left in that shitty poll.. They are the one that filled this board with shit..
you are a funny f*gg*t
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