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Default Re: Ray Lewis retired

The problem in ratings (and also in the Lewis incident which it feels like some people are commenting on like they remember it better than they do) is people immediately discount older players because they didn't see them (the amount of people on this board who talk like they watched players play but clearly are too young to do so is baffling, so full of shit), they rely on stats which (especially on defense) don't mean as much and have got skewed since the league got pass happy, and act like if player X played today he wouldn't done the same drugs, got the same people helping him work out, etc.

A clear fact though (fact although i'm sure some turd will find a way to argue it) is he is easily top 5 defensive player of his generation, and probably the best linebacker of his generation without much argument. Although i'm sure someone can find some cute argument that some marginal players was as good with some singular stat.
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