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Learning to shoot layups
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Default How do I stop my knee from buckling during a jumpshot?

It's so odd, but I have this irresistible habit where I buckle my right knee when I bend my legs for my jumpshot. Also, my legs tend to shake when I rise up from a jumpshot. It's hard for me to fix because it isn't something I can see myself doing but I know it happens because people always tell me I do it. I have been working on my jumper diligently and the one aspect I have not been able to improve or correct has been my base. I believe that this first started when I badly sprained my ankle about 3 years ago and returned to the gym after 3 weeks off. I wasn't even ready to return but I just couldn't stay away from basketball, and every time I would use my legs to shoot, even without jumping, it would hurt my right ankle, so I had to shoot differently, and this badly affected my jump shot, both the base and the upper body mechanics that I have finally managed to correct. Any tips for any drills I could do or anything I could do to make sure that my legs don't do anything weird on my jumpshot? I have also tried many different bases, such as an open stance, a slightly turned stance, a squared stance, feet shoulder-width apart, feet farther apart/closer apart, etc.
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