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Default Re: Why I'm still not sold on this team

Originally Posted by franchize
I agree partially. Melo needs to do a much better job at channeling his emotion. That being said, I didn't have a problem with Melo's shot selection last night. Most of those shots are ones he hits. Furthermore, let's face it, he was getting hammered and he should have gone to the line WAY more. Our record has been such because of Melo's and JR's aggressiveness on offense. Melo can't afford to be passive and at the end of the day, when guys refuse to shoot on a nightly basis, unless it's a wide open 3, someone has to shoot the ball. I've been since last year. We have too many guys who can't create their own shot. We have too many guys waiting around the perimeter for wide open looks.
His shot selection was fine until he got mad. Then late in the 4th he rushed some shots. I can't really blame him. He's won so many games for us this season that it would be stupid to attack him for one bad game. Everyone has off games. It happens. But he and the rest of the team needs to be better at keeping their composure.

And I agree about us having too many guys just standing behind the 3 point line. That's where we miss Felton. He didn't really shoot well before he went down (part of it because he was playing injured) but he wasn't turning the ball over (the thing Knicks now do more often) and he you needed to defend his penetration.
Prigioni and Kidd are easy to defend. Kidd can only shoot three and Prigioni can only pass.
Even with Felton shooting a low percentage he still gets Tyson involved with the alley oops and he kicks out the ball to shooters. Right now the Knicks offense is just passing around the perimeter and then taking a contested three.
The only guy that can drive to the hole is Melo. Maybe J.R. too. And that's it. Brewer can't even make a layup,Prigioni is too afraid to shoot and Kidd is useless when he steps into the arc.

What I was going to say with this thread is that the Knicks have to control their emotions better or they will pay for that in the playoffs. It will be costly,very costly.
You can get away with a few lost physical games over the course of regular season. But in the playoffs every game is important and losing composure can be deadly.
Forget about ECF and beating Miami. We need to overcome this problem if we want to get out of the 1st round.

Bulls are coming to town on Friday,we'll probably see another very physical game. It'll be interesting too see how will the Knicks respond.

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