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Originally Posted by JEFFERSON MONEY

H.I.I.T CUTS FAT like no tomorrow. As do sprints, barbell complexes, kettlebell swings, circuit training etc.

I go 90 seconds 6.6 and 30 seconds 10.5... its tough because my sprint is a lot faster than the latter but I get fukkin exhausted recuperating after the burst on 6.6.. gonna experiment with 3.8 and 12.0.

tips on progressing?

3:1 is pretty intense bro and even your rest period is fairly fast. I just go 1:2 (1 minute steady jogs with 30 second sprints; probably a piece of cake for you and I find it a lot easier to maintain. I do hope to get to 2:1 eventually but I like the way I'm progressing with 1:2 right now. If you're getting winded after your sprints, you should try to increase your rest periods between the sprints.

Originally Posted by shlver
I'm thinking about signing up for a gym. I do not know much about free weights but are most people willing enough to help you learn how to do specific motions and exercises or should I just take a weightlifting class at the university?

Look up some beginner workouts on You can click on most of the exercises and they'll have a video showing how to do the exercise/lifts with proper technique step by step. There's a wealth of info on that website to get you started.
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