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Default Re: Let's face it...

Originally Posted by Rameek
Some things I can see some I dont agree with.

The best thing that happened was the hot start. When you diagnose this season that start is what gets the Knicks in the playoffs. All they have to do is play .500 ball from this point on. The reality is just above a .500 team that can get a high seed with super quality wins! I am so proud of that.

The roster is old because the Knicks are going for it now. This small window with Melo and Stat they have sold their soul to win now. They havent had draft picks and you dont find young guns without picks or significant injuries. Bad teams can allow youth and DLeaguerz to play. Championship teams dont have that luxury generally.

I am glad Melo has turned the page in his career and has accepted the responsibility of being a better player which he always had in him just never committed to it. He has always been an elite scorer but not an elite player.

Mike Woodson is a miracle worker and yes he sucks with x's and 0's.

Jason Kidd, Brewer, Prigi, just cant play significant minutes or be relied on to be major contributors. I dont mind any of these old dudes or less talented dudes just dont depend on them to be more than what they are. This has to be about Felton, JR, Melo, Stat, Chandler all other players are strictly role players. I dont include Shump because his value is limited to a defensive role (I pray that he finds an offensive game since he's been gone but its hard to improve your game coming back from an injury).

You can call Tyson whatever you want. Elite or not Elite. He is a role player that can man the middle. Now if you going to put a bunch of little guys around him that cant watch his back as a rebounder and defender well any center will be inconsistent. You put guys up on the perimeter that cant play defense yeah he is going to be inconsistent. Thank god Camby is there now to give him some relief. Think about this when JR smith is your 2nd leading rebounder or close to it then how much blame am I going to give Tyson, me personally not much. NO TEAM puts all small non defenders around a defensive center and expect greatness all the time. To me I wont call him out. Probably DHoward is the only Center that could deal with this situation.

I think as far as the rotation Woodson is limited. This roster is limited and like we've been saying Franchize not so great. With that said he has figured out that Melo or JR has to be on the floor at all times in some capacity regardless who else is out there. JR will have his moments he will be cold and the Knicks will struggle.

I agree with most of what you say I just have to amend some of it with my mojo.

You know I value and respect your opinion. My only two issues are with your stance as far as our older players and regarding Chandler.

I'm not saying rid the entire roster and get ALL young players. At this point, Kidd is great for our chemistry. He alo doesn't make mistakes. What's done is done as far as his contract. I'm not asking for us to replace him. I'm just asking we add young talent. One or two guys. Even if we kept all the young guys. Why can't we replace James White? He's not a vet and he gives us NOTHING. Although I would opt to replace Prigioni, Kurt Thomas and James White offer us the least.
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