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Default Re: If the Catholic 7 gets who everyone thinks they will and a couple long shots.......

I would love for St. Joes and Temple to be in it. I think they would really push for VCU at some point though, which means there wouldn't be enough space left for both....although I would have no qualms replacing a team like St. Louis. lol

Would Villanova allow those two schools to join them (I know they weren't too thrilled with Temple joining the Big East, right?)? How do they benefit from two local schools joining a better conference and thus having more recruiting pull and such? For the sake of competition, I'd love it of course.

And ya, I would imagine programs like Butler could only improve from the added exposure. Kids seeing them when a major conference tourny at MSG is a big deal recruiting wise. Imagine if VCU can keep Smart and eventually join this conference and be able to recruit potential blue chip prospects? That's scary. Another Louisville. lol

Again, I do have to temper any excitement because even with a recruiting jump, very few teams avoid a cycle of tournament appearances and misses. The way I talk about this potential league, you'd think 6-7 teams will be in the tourny every season....when it probably will be more like 4-6 depending on the year.
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