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Default Re: If the Catholic 7 gets who everyone thinks they will and a couple long shots.......

Ya, the league just can't become what it aspires to be without Butler, Creighton and possibly VCU down the road. The better the league, the more money that comes in. That's why Gonzaga is being talked about (however serious or lack thereof those talks are). They obviously make tons of sense economically, but I think that would be way too much of a stretch.

Speaking of Gonzaga, does the fact that they aren't a football school mean they will never be considered for the Pac-12 or MWC? I mean they obviously would be welcomed on a pure bball standpoint, but I guess the numbers don't add up? ND is joining the ACC without its football program. I'd love them to join the MWC if the schools there that were gonna leave end up staying now for sure.

I also know other things are taken into consideration such as academic excellence, religious affiliations and such.
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