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Default Re: 2012 College Football Discussion thread

Originally Posted by InspiredLebowski

OSU woulda beat the shit out of Nebraska, in a blowout. That doesn't mean they'd have given Bama a game, but they certainly would have won the conference title game.

everyone thought Nebraska would beat the hell out of Wisconsin in their rematch and that didn't happen.

Iowa State was favored to beat Tulsa a second time after beating their ass earlier in the year but they got smoked in their bowl.

Nebraska spanked Washington a few years ago in the regular season and was taken down in their bowl rematch.

LSU was favored to beat Bama again last year in the BCS title game and got thumped.

in 96 Florida State beat Florida in the last game of the regular season only to get absolutely crushed by the Gators in the national title game rematch.

again, more often than not, the loser in the first game wins the rematch. It is in no way a given OSU wins the Big 10 title game. Its also not a given OSU would have even been undefeated in the first place b/c they suddenly would have faced a ton of pressure they didn't deal with b/c they knew all year they weren't going bowling.

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