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Default Re: James Harden deserves his MVP talk

Originally Posted by Papaya Petee
No he doesn't.

in 2009-2010 Dwyane Wade put up 27\7\5 on 48% shooting and he was a one man team, finished 47-35, and I think was #5-6 in MVP voting.

in 2008-2009 he averaged 30\8\5 on 49% with a bunch of nobodies and finished 43-39 and finished 2nd or 3rd.

Hardens 25\5\5 on 46% shooting isn't special.
Wade at his absolute peak was compared to Lebron those years. However his peak is short lived. No doubt he was better atm than Harden now. But Harden is 23 only.

Wade did it in the weak east and only played good defense in 1 year. He was out worldly playing hard and get stats but cannot get team wins.

Harden is having a better team but he is playing in a much tougher competition with less experienced kids. He is doing a great job and more wins. And don't worry there is no way he can get MVP same as Wade then. you need contending team.
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