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Default Re: Let's face it...

Originally Posted by franchize
You know I value and respect your opinion. My only two issues are with your stance as far as our older players and regarding Chandler.

I'm not saying rid the entire roster and get ALL young players. At this point, Kidd is great for our chemistry. He alo doesn't make mistakes. What's done is done as far as his contract. I'm not asking for us to replace him. I'm just asking we add young talent. One or two guys. Even if we kept all the young guys. Why can't we replace James White? He's not a vet and he gives us NOTHING. Although I would opt to replace Prigioni, Kurt Thomas and James White offer us the least.
O No I know you dont want all kids. But the Knicks just didnt have the resources to get young talented kids. They wont be in the rotation and this staff never develops youth.

Kidd man I dont get the love affair with this guy. I mean he is a good asset in a limited role. But he holds the ball and everyone has to run around to get open. His version of penetration is backing down into the hole until the double team comes so he can pass. I mean he has some value but not all the love he's been getting.
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