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Default Re: A Song of Ice and Fire Novels


George released another sample chapter.. and you're welcome.


My thoughts:

There might be some foreshadowing about dragons fighting (F)Aegon and Dany?? The young ugly girl at the table says she had dreams about dancing dragons and where they danced people died. Not sure why her dreams should mean anything though, but hey, it's GRRM.

Got some more details about the Darkstar, but mostly just his looks.

Arianne seems to be bad at Cryvesse and maybe I'm a crackpot but I think that says a lot. People that are good at it seem to be good at the "game of thrones" such as tyrion. Arianne thought she could show up and seduce Jon Connington the way she did Arys Oakheart.. she seems to rely on her beauty and not her wits.. and maybe her wits aren't all that great, as shown by her foiled plot to crown Myrcella.

Her sworn shield Daemon Sand seems neat, not much else about him other than he may or may not have fuct the red viper but definitely got it on with Arianne. Was given his knighthood by the Red Viper. I don't expect him to be a major player but might stick around for awhile.

Speaking of the Red Viper, we learn a little more about him. Sent to exile without being sent to exile.

The very end Arianne and Daemon talk about Dany as if she's the crazy one and not Viserys. I think they are wondering if (F)Aegon is as mad as the mad king also.. and there have been some hints that he is.

One last bit, I've heard it said that Jon Connington had the hots for Rheagar.. After reading about how Arianne doesn't think she could persuade him with sex.. I think that theory has some more traction.

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