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Default Re: Your all-time Raptors Squad

Yeah, i'd say it's pretty self explanatory. The consistency part, well if you've seen him all the way from Marquette to now, it speaks for itself. We had VC for 6+ seasons and it was obvious how his drive and his desire to win was very up and down. He was always good for a highlight real dunk but you almost always questioned his heart and wondered which VC was gonna show up that night. D-Wade showed up on day 1 ready to go and i'm not a Heat fan but I don't think they've ever had to question his heart or desire in all the time he's been there.

The winner part? Lots to base that on as well. He was a winner at Marquette, he has 2 NBA titles and a finals MVP. He's been in the league 9 seasons and his team has division titles in 5 of those years. He's only missed the playoffs once.

Then, there's defense. Vince isn't even a part of that conversation, and D-Wade has been a very solid defender for most of his career. 3X All-NBA defense 2nd team and in his prime years he was a pretty damn elite perimeter defender. VC was an incredibly lazy defender and a lot of teams took advantage of him on that end of the floor. That's why VC has 2 All-NBA teams for his whole career, D-Wade already has 7, and 10 total. Because I think they took being an all-around player into account.

And lastly, check the stats. I could've used that at the beginning but chose to save it for last. D-Wade before joining forces with Bron was putting up some out of this world numbers that Carter never reached even in his best days. What else do you need?

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