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Default Re: When will Romosexual get replaced?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
He is better than McGee, and Orton is not a "prospect" at all
Landry isn't a prospect either. At least he isn't one worth having. I'd rather develop Tyler Bray, E.J. Manuel, or Ryan Nassib.

Though I admit, that a QB to develop isn't high on my list of priorities. It wasn't Romo who had the worst rushing numbers in franchise history, and it wasn't Romo who had forced the least turnovers in franchise history.

QBs are playing increasingly longer. It is conceivable to think that Tony has 5 more years of high quality play in him.

I want an edge rusher to compliment Ware and a nice Nose to move this defense forward. Ratliff is old and increasingly fragile.
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