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Default Re: We must trade Pau Gasol now!!!

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I agree with this.

We gave up our first rounders for Nash. If we lose this year, we have no draft picks in the lottery. We need to see if we can get Derrick Williams, and possibly a first rounder or two. It would be nice to have some sort of re-imbursement after an awful season such as this one. Ive pretty much thrown in the towel. If they aren't winning now, if they do start winning, it'll be too late.

We need to start thinking of life with Howard gone, Pau gone, and pretty much just build a competitive team around Kobe that can help him achieve more records until his retirement. Draft some young athletic talent. Get under the cap....etc.

The lakers at some point are going to need to contemplate whether or not Howard is gonna stay. If he doesn't, they MUST trade him. the trading deadline is only weeks away. They cannot afford to waste such a valuable bargaining piece, especially with Kobe's pig of a contract weighing down their options.
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