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Default Re: D-Will averaging 20/9 on 52% shooting in January.

Originally Posted by It's A VC3!!!
I said that in my post above. But unlike the true haters, I am still a fan of the Nets and will endure the good with the bad. And I've always said Deron is in a funk. These other retards said "he can't play anymore and he forgot how to play basketball". Glad to see D-Wills shot going down.
You're nuts. You did the same thing you are scolding others for and much worse. Deron has blocked you on twitter for criticizing him you told me. In fact, you are acting holier than thou and i've argued with you Deron's importance with you being on the hater side.

This thread is ridiculous, just because you're bipolar and decided today you love Deron doesn't mean that you writing he needs to be cut was ok and never happened.
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