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Default Re: D-Will averaging 20/9 on 52% shooting in January.

Originally Posted by All Net
Should of got rid of Avery ages ago..
Yeah, his offensive structure was terrible. We've lost 6 games where we had 13+ point lead in each of those games. That's too many games to lose with a lead like that. Our biggest lost lead was 22 at home against the Love-less and Rubio-less Wolves. Unacceptable.

All Avery ran was iso ball for Deron and Joe. He had favorites too. P.J yells at everyone. Avery ripped MarShon, Taylor, and the younger guys. P.J emphasizes more ball movement and does not allow any Net to give Brook the ball when he's posting more than 10 feet away from the basket. He actually has a system in place rather than saying "Let's give Deron/Joe the ball and move out the way".
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